Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zee Avi and ME!

I've been collecting some favorite singers/bands over the past couple years, I have a particular genre that sticks out to me, but I don't know what to call it. It consists of artists like Norah Jones, Belle and Sebastian, Nellie McKay, Cat Power, Carla Bruni, Kat Edmondson, Robinella, the Be Good Tanya's, Allison Kraus, Buddy Holly, Chairlift, Feist, and others. They all have something in common, but I'm not exactly sure what. All I know is that I LOVE whatever this genre is!

Well, my new Fave is ZEE AVI! If you haven't heard of her yet, you have got to give her a listen! She is an adorable 23 year old with an "old soul" check out her bio here.

She has quite a few youtube sensations, but just so you can get a little flavor of her style watch this clip:

So My lovely friend Missy and I were hanging out yesterday, sipping tea and listening to Ingrid Michaelson, and I was like "Missy, you have go to check out Zee Avi." So she looked her up online right then, we listened to a couple of Zee's songs, and then as we were reading about Zee we realized that she is coming to San Francisco on February 25th to perform! So on the spot we bought tickets!

Man, I'm feeling lucky, and can't wait for a girls trip to the city to see such a fabulous musician!

Monday, January 18, 2010

How cute are my parents?!

So you know how you can get "post-it" notes on your computer (paperless post-it notes)? Well, yesterday I found out that my dad leaves my mom love notes on their computer's "post-it notes." I think that's sweet. It got me in the mood for Valentine's Day :) Every time I talk to my mom (which is weekly), she always tells me that she is in love with my dad, and loves him more and more the older they get. That makes me happy. <3

This is not their post-it note, I just thought it added a nice touch to this blog post :D

Tell someone you love them!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Greg was gone all day (and evening), so I had a girls day! It was much needed, and much fun! Let me tell you about it!

My darling friend Alaina came over for the afternoon and we had a yoga day. Started with a little meditation, did a couple yoga routines (hard work, but felt so good), followed by a tea party! I totally want to do this again, I feel so rejuvenated! Thanks for coming doll :D

healthy snacks and tea
Alaina in her yoga gear :)

Then I went to dinner with my 'Stanford girls'! followed by my favorite movie (Move Over Darling, made in 1963), a little wine, and GIRL TALK! WOOO! Totally fun.

Damn, I have a great life and great friends!

Surabhi, Melanie, Emily, Me

Playing catch-up STILL

I still have so much to blog about from our trip to Utah, and I'm getting so far behind! So I think I'll give you a little recap of a few more happenings. :)

So my lovely friend Maiko who lives out here in CA, near to me, was also in Utah at the same time Greg and I were! Her boyfriend (Nick) went to high school/College with me and Greg, so they were home visiting his family for the holidays. So we met up, and I had to get a picture of us proving that we are not only super good friends in Cali, but in Utah too!

Us in front of a really dirty Utah street sign.

So we met up with Maiko and Nick, and a few other friends like Nam and Danchi (more of Greg's college friends) and went to AHH Sushi where Greg and Nam like to consult the Oracle about major life decisions (you should ask Greg about that sometime).

Nick and Maiko at Ahh Sushi

John, Greg, and Nam at Ahh Sushi

Later that same evening Nick, Nam, and Greg threw the party of all parties! It was a) the most creative party I've ever been to, and b) a blast! The party was a forum for a bunch of friends to perform their guitar/piano/singing skills followed by games and fun! We had a really great venue, speakers, microphone, great food, and people! I wish I had some video of the event because it was A-mazing!

The Groupies :D

duo self portrait of the sexiest ladies at the party ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Garbanzo, Snow, and Cabin

Heaven on Earth

Play time! The snow is taller than Garbanzo (up to my waist)!

Sexy Mountain Man!!

Out for a hike

Turning the snow yellow, hehe!

I had a feeling Garbanzo was going to love the snow when we got to Utah. At first, he just wanted to smell it, that led to licking it, then chomping it, then full on romping in the snow! Actually, I think he turned into a snowbunny. To get through all the deep snow he would place his front legs out in front of him and swing his back legs forward just like a bunny rabbit.

He had so much fun in the snow and got to spend most of his time off his leash while in Utah...it is for sure taking some adjustment getting use to needing a leash all the time back here in Cali.... for both of us!

I think Garbanzo loves the Nelson cabin more than Greg and me (that's pretty hard to accomplish, we LLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEE the cabin). He spent his mornings in the snow and the rest of his time sleeping on the couch with the fire keeping him cozy-toasty. I'm starting to get jealous of Garbanzo, he has such a charmed life!

Check out how cute Garbanzo is in the snow.... by the way, it's official I'm obsessed with my pooch :D

A Nelson Christmas

Pretty Tree and presents for ME!

The Siblings: L ---> R Vanessa, Natalie, and Greg

Grammy (Cynthia) and Sammy C! My niece is getting so big and adorable!

My LoveBUG, Greggy!

I, unfortunately, did not get many pictures at our Nelson Christmas :( Missing from these pictures: Rourk, Josh, Garbanzo, Redji, and me.

We had a wonderful time with both our families and are so lucky to spend time with both over the holidays. We love you all soooooo much!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A McCombs' Christmas

Garbanzo's First Christmas :)


All the Originals :)

Tout le Monde

The Sibs and Ins

The Sista's!

The Brothers


In Utah, over the holiday break, I got to visit with some of the very best friends I've EVER had :) If I could change anything about living in California it would be to have each of these girls become my neighbors.

Megan (with Madison), Mandy, Chelsea, who can find me?

Me, baby Brooke, and Corinne (my life-long friend and confidant).

Jaxson and Colton...cutest kids ever!