Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Somewhere in my neighborhood there is a trail of red shoe prints running away from whatever was being painted. What's funny is that I never even noticed myself stepping in paint. I should really pay more attention when I run.

These are my new sandals that arrived today from Piperlime. I LOVE them! I feel so hip :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Puppy in Training

So far I love being a doggy mom. I can't believe how fast Garbanzo is growing. At his first vet visit (about a week and a half ago) he weighed 9.5 lbs. At his second visit on Monday (6 days after the first visit) he weighed 11.4 lbs, and I swear he has gained a couple lbs since then :) He's my growing boy.

In the last week his senses have become much more keen. Last week he hardly noticed other living creatures or their smells, now he is distracted by everything he sees and smells, and he smells EVERYTHING! Along with these senses he has discovered his bark. uh-oh. We got a barker. It's hard to know if a dog is going to be a barker when he's a mut and you never met his parents. Our Garby is definitely a barker. He barks whenever he is scared, which is just about anytime he sees or smells anything when he is outside. Everyday his bark seems to become more bold. I'm not quite sure what to do about it. Good thing he starts puppy kindergarten in two weeks.

He knows quite a few commands now :) He can sit, lay down, shake (thanks to Kat and Rob), go to his spot, go to his crate, and find "daddy" (aka Greg). I'm pretty proud of him.

I'm doing my best to socialize him, which will hopefully curb his fear of strangers (and hence his bark). Over the weekend Kat and Rob took him while Greg and I were in SLC. I think he had so much fun with them and Abby. On Monday I had my girlfriends Melissa and Mabel over with their dogs Burger, Derby, and Cinnamon. Garbanzo loves Cinnamon, who loves Burger...crazy little love triangle that one is :) It was fun having all the pups together while hanging out. All my neighbors have been great too. Everyone wants to meet him. I usually give anyone he hasn't met a treat to give Garby so he has a positive experience.

Greg and I really love this new addition to our life. Overall he is a pretty calm puppy, he likes to lay around and have his tummy rubbed. He LOVES his crate and has to be bribed out every morning. He does a good job at sleeping through the night too. He's a little lovebug.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Presenting GARBANZO NELSON!!!!

We did it! We got the dog of our dreams! We named him Garbanzo :) We couldn't be happier. He is very calm, friendly, and, like they said, full of puppy energy (especially around Abbie).

We are babysitting Abbie (Kat and Rob's dog) this weekend, they seem like best friends already. They like to play with each other, and Garbanzo follows her everywhere she goes.

puppy update

We haven't found the perfect puppy yet :( But today we have an appointment to meet this cute boy. He's a beagle mix. He is 10 weeks old, and full of puppy energy they say.