Monday, March 23, 2009

Nike+ iPod Pouch

For Christmas I got a Nike +, which is a little device that keeps track of the miles you run, how fast you run them, and how many calories you burn while listening to your music on your ipod. I LOVE it! To use it you are suppose to buy Nike + shoes that have a little pouch in one of the soles of the shoe to place the device. Well, I didn't want to buy a new pair of shoes, so I made a little pouch that attaches to my shoe laces. It works so well, and is SOOOOO much cheaper than a new pair of shoes. It's pretty cute too.

To use it you place the Nike + sensor into the pouch, which is designed to hold it securely in place. The sensor does not have much room to wiggle in its pocket inside the pouch because the inner pocket is fastened shut with velcro.

Then you simply wrap the pouch through the bottom laces of your running shoes. The sensor will be held securely between the laces and the tongue of the shoe. After fastening your laces as you normally would, both ends of the pouch secure together with velcro.

I thought I'd try selling some on ebay since I'm guessing most people don't want to have to keep re-buying nike + shoes, when they could buy my pouch for super cheap once! I hope it sells :)

Here it is attached to my dirty shoe

Here it is laid out flat, next to the sensor.
The inner pouch is roughly the same size as the sensor
(so it holds the sensor securely), but is hard to display in a picture.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


As of Monday I'm officially on Spring Break, possibly the last "real" break of my life. I think Redji knows it's spring because just this past week he's been coming out and walking around, climbing on things, and being really happy for most of the day (he is much more active than usual). So today, I decided to take Redji to the park. It's been since last summer that I took him, poor little guy. I think he loved it! He always perks out his head over the grass, looks where he wants to go, and then starts walking as fast as he can. Every once in a while he stops to check if he is going in the right direction still, and occasionally redirects himself, or chooses a new destination. When Greg and I lived in Redmond, WA we use to take him to the park and put him on the slide...I think he loved that ;)

While I was at the park I laid out on a beach towel and started reading Big Sur by Jack Kerouac. Ever since I wrote that post entitled On the Road by Jack Kerouac, I've been wanting to read some of Jack's other books. Since I love Big Sur (the place) I thought Big Sur (the book) would be a good one to start with. Reading for pleasure is SOOOO much better than reading for school, blah.

Back to Redji... the other day Greg left one of his computers on the floor and I found Redji basking on it. It was all toasty warm, it made me laugh. Redji is always finding the warmest spots in the house, or the spots with the most tangled up chords, which he loves to get stuck in.
In a week and a half we are going to Half Moon Bay to go camp on the beach, and you can be sure that Redji is coming with us. Our favorite thing to do with Redji is to take him camping. He loves it. He doesn't usually like the car ride, but when we get there he loves to roam around and dig, and eat the weeds. I can't wait!