Thursday, July 31, 2008


Back in March I wrote a post about pizza in the Bay Area. Tonight Greg and I went out to dinner with our friends Gautam and Mindy to a restaurant called "Cicero's Pizza, the pizza with the secret." Gautam and Mindy are big fans of this restaurant, and now we are too. This pizza was like no pizza I've ever had before. It is the thinnest crust I've ever had. It is thin in the same way that Saltines are thin. I admit, sometimes it is the chewy thick crust that is appealing about a pizza, but the Cicero crust is nothing to laugh at, it is YUMMY!

Our friends recommended the cheese pizza because otherwise it is like having a salad on top of a thin crust, and this pizza is about the taste and texture of the crust. The sauce is pretty good too, sweet, but not too sweet. We also got a pepperoni pizza, which was good because it wasn't too much topping. If you want more information you can check them out here:

One really great thing about Cicero's pizza is that you can eat a lot of it before getting full. Since the crust is thin you'll want to eat more slices than usual and hence enjoy it over a little more time than a regular pizza. This is a good pizza to eat when enjoying the company of friends.

Since Greg and I moved to San Mateo in May we've started ordering pizza from ZORBAS PIZZA
This pizza is delicious! It is my favorite. They have a pretty diverse menu, and as usual we generally get the pepperoni pizza, but sometimes we get it with olives too:) This pizza has a chewy crust; a crust to die for. It is much thicker than Cicero's crust, which is a plus for this pizza. The crust kinda reminds me of Papa John's crusts; chewy. They also have yummy cheese and delicious sauce. I could eat this pizza every week and never get sick of it. ZORBA's also has a really delectable greek salad. I haven't tried any of their other salads, but I would recommend this one.

Now I'm in the mood to have a pizza party.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today is mine and Greg's second anniversary. It is hard to believe that we have really been married for two years. Time flies. I just wanted to reminisce about some of my favorite memories of Greg...I have so many it is hard to choose what I want to share. This post may be a bit lengthy, just to warn you.

Greg has written about how we got together, so I won't talk too much about that, but I will say this: our first date...second time around...was amazing. In fact it was magical. We hadn't seen each other in about five years, but it was like we had never been apart. We went to dinner with some friends, then played some games at a friends house...which is a funny story, but probably deserves a blog dedicated solely to that night, so IF you haven't already heard the story feel free to ask.

After that first date Greg sent me an email. This is the email:
hi there kjersti,

so how was the drive back? and work? for me, today was nice and
relaxing, i slept in and then read the da vinci code all afternoon.
how Come i do that? once agAin i'm neglecting my homework; oh well.

i hope you receive this email, this is the address i am trying to use
more and morE now.

i had a wonderful time with you last night. i enjoy discussing thingS
like books and history with you. it sure is a treat when i get to see
you. =) i hope you cAn come to the colin mochrie show with me.

have a great week and don't forget about all of our spRing break plans!!



shift = 322 (modulo 26)

You may notice some odd things about this email, originally I didn't. Months after receiving this email Greg asked me if I had figured out "the code". I was so confused, I didn't know what he was talking about. After getting some direction to look through some old emails I was able to figure out that this email was a code. Maybe you can figure it out, if not I can tell you what it means. Anyway, this was the first of many codes that Greg and I exchanged. It really made me feel special when he would give me codes. It was always so exciting to figure them out. I would usually spend hours looking up things like ASCII, binary code, and Caesar Ciphers. Then I would sometimes have to understand certain references to songs, movies, or historical events. It was always worth all the time spent. Greg always had sweet, sometimes cheesy messages for me. I always tried to give him codes back, but mine were always way too easy.

Greg and I lived about four hours away from each other before he moved to California, but before he moved we use to take turns driving back and forth on the weekends to see each other. One weekend I visited him it was really rainy. We didn't know what to do, but one thing you should know about Greg is that he is full of good, creative, unique ideas. He suggested that we take the TRAX (the Salt Lake City train) to downtown Salt Lake City and go to the courthouse to watch a court hearing.

On the train ride we both started to notice the strange people sitting around us. Greg pulled out a notebook and started writing me notes. We started to make up stories about each of the people on the train and kept passing them back and forth. It was so hard to contain my laughter. We still have the notebook, somewhere, with all our notes. By the end of the train ride Greg had asked, or at least suggested to me (in the notes) to come out to California with him when he moved to go to Stanford. It was on that train ride that I realized I was falling in love....I know, I'm a cheese ball.

Once we got to the court house we couldn't decide if we wanted to go into a drug hearing, murder hearing, divorce hearing or we left and went out to lunch.

When we were first married we lived in Redmond, Washington. Greg was doing an internship, and had moved there before we got married. When I moved there I didn't know a soul. We were only staying for the summer so I didn't get a job, and for some reason I was really scared to go do anything alone so I didn't know a soul besides Greg all summer. Greg was so wonderful during this time though. Everyday at lunch time he would come home to our apartment and have lunch with me. (which was about a ten minute drive one it took up a big chunk of his lunch hour). It was the best part of my day everyday. It would make me light up the same way I get now when I pick Greg up from the train station. The moment I see Greg I can't help but to smile. I always like when he comes home. Even if I've had a bad day everything gets all better the moment Greg gets home. He makes me so back to Washington. Since I didn't know a soul I got pretty lonely. At some point I got a bit depressed and cried about it to Greg. The next day he showed up in the middle of the afternoon and said something like, "Honey get ready, I'm taking you on a date." Then he took me to see a Woody Allen movie and to my favorite restaurant in the whole world, Thai Ginger. Greg always knows how to make me happy.

Some of our best moments together have been when either of us have had to make big decisions like where to work, where to go to school, what to study, where to move, etc. The day I found out I was accepted to Santa Clara University (the school I really really really wanted to get into for my masters program) Greg pulled out the camera and as I opened the acceptance letter I started jumping up and down and screaming, and Greg joined right in. We celebrated that night. It is the most wonderful feeling to get to share moments like that with Greg.

Funny things happen with Greg around all the time. One time, not too terribly long ago Greg and I were wrestling (something we do far too often). He started to bite my armpit. I screamed out, "I hope you got deodorant on your teeth!" Immediately Greg ran out of the room spitting and screaming "I did, I did!" Another time we were wrestling he piledrived me head first, that hurt really bad, but it was funny.

There are so many good memories, like: camping in Bryce Canyon, Camping along the Oregon Coast, Camping in Yosemite, Big Sur, Death Valley, Mount Ranier, Colter Bay and other randome places. Going to baseball games for the Salt Lake Bees (aka Stingers, or Buzz), Seattle Mariners, and of course the San Francisco Giants. Going swimming (something we really enjoy doing together), or simply sitting around watching our many favorite T.V. series like Arrested Development, Real Time with Bill Maher, LOST, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dexter, Prison Break, and others.

How could I forget to mention going to Greg's cabin!?! The first time I went to Greg's cabin I was 16. We watched Better Off Dead. Years later he took me there for spring break and taught me how to snowboard. The cabin is a sacred, special place for us. Maybe someday we'll go back up in the attic to read a story that we wrote on the walls in random order with a code to decipher what order in which the story should be read.

We have a lot of great memories together, I've merely mentioned a few of them. I love being married to Greg. It really is the best thing that has ever happened to me. :)