Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm in love with the holidays

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, as many of you must be aware. It marked the beginning of the holiday season for me. Although I must admit I started listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween. All month I'd been looking forward to Thanksgiving. I was really excited to cook, more than anything. And I spent most of the day cooking. I made all the traditional foods (traditional to my family). I made turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, candied yams, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, some veggies on the side, and of course pumpkin pie! And I of course, ate way too much ;)

The first time I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, I made the meal for a about 25-30 people. That was three years ago.
Fiction: I did it all by myself.

When I was a kid my family always put up our Christmas tree the Monday after Thanksgiving. I got a little anxious this year so Greg and I put ours up today! It makes me so happy. We also put Christmas lights out on our patio.

Since I have such a big family we always draw names to decide who gives gifts to whom. I started calling my mom up at the beginning of November asking her to have my family still at home draw names for Christmas. All month they've been meaning to do it, and every week I call and ask. Today I finally found out who I am giving a gift to, my little brother Ben! and Greg gives to my mom! I'm so excited. I love buying presents.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered our Christmas cards that we'll be sending out to close friends and family, and they arrived earlier this week. Man, I'm just so excited! I'm excited to start making holiday candy, and maybe even attempt to make eggnog. I even have my first holiday party of the season coming up a week from today. Jeez, I love this time of year :) I feel so happy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This week we are dogsitting our friends' puppy Abbie. She is so adorable. The most well trained puppy I've ever seen. She reminds me of my brother's old dog Zeus, and she reminds Greg of his old dog Tiffany. We've fallen in love with the sweet thing. The best part of having Abbie around is watching Greg play with her. He seems like he has so much fun, and Abbie does too. I think it is so amazing how much happiness a dog can bring to a home, especially when they are as well behaved as cute, little Abbie. She's still pretty young but she knows a lot of commands, and she's really obedient. We've spent the evening trying to teach her to play dead. She doesn't quite have it, but I think she'll get it soon. Well, here are pictures of the cuteness I'm witnessing: