Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cherry Merry Muffin

Have you ever wondered why my blog is named Kjersti Mersti Muffin? Probably not, I'm sure, but if you were alive in the 80's you might remember a little doll named Cherry Merry Muffin and all her muffin pals. Thanks to my bestest friend Jenna's mom, (way back in 1989) Cherry Merry's theme song was turned into the Kjersti Mersti theme song. April (Jenna'a mom) would always sing it whenever she saw me: "Kjersti Mersti Muffin, she looks sweet, she cooks sweet, and smells sweet too...Kjersti Mersti Muffin!" Now that I've grown into a well-adjusted narcissist, I sing this song all the time ;) and YOU should too! hehe!

Enjoy the real Cherry Merry advertisement, maybe it will remind you of your own childhood :)

Parlour 308

After a long hiatus, I finally got my hair done yesterday :) No more roots! I also got rid of the highlights. I'm loving it!

When I first moved to the Bay Area (3 years ago) I searched long and hard for a good hair stylist. I tried numerous places. I always found my hair looking not quite right for too large a price. I also had some pretty terrible experiences. One time a stylist got bleach all over my clothes and still charged me full price. Another time a lady cut the very back of my hair super short, and all of the rest of my hair a good two inches longer (trying to cover up the mistake in the back). This person also charged me full price.

Then I met Missy, she has the best hair of anyone I know. I asked her where she got her hair done. She said, this really adorable salon in Los Gatos, and to ask for Laura.

Every time I go to Laura I come out so happy with how I look. She is truly a professional. She exudes a confidence that is evident not only in the way she appears, but in each and every haircut she performs. She never assumes to know what you want, but if you ask for advice she'll give you some. Every haircut comes our like a piece of art. I've never gotten so many hair compliments in my life as I have since I started going to Laura almost two years ago.

I recommend Laura to everyone I know, and I'm pretty positive everyone (even my mother-in-law from Utah) has adored the haircuts they've received.

No More Roots!

Copper Red

Surabhi with her new haircut from Laura, and Me sporting my blunt bangs!

One of my most favorite haircuts--blunt bangs!