Friday, August 22, 2008

Barack Obama and Technology

Yesterday I was driving in the car listening to NPR. NPR was having a pretty interesting discussion about Barack Obama giving people the opportunity to find out who he will choose to run as his VP running mate via their cell phones.

Someone called in to NPR and said it was just a gimmick to increase his celebrity status. Another said it was so people could feel important and good about supporting Barack Obama. Another said it was an interesting way to collect data from people that likely don't have home phones and therefore couldn't be included in census studies. Someone else said it was a way to get people excited about the campaign. I think those are all pretty interesting answers, and I wish I could have heard the whole discussion before I had reached my destination. Maybe I should download it.

This whole topic kinda got the wheel in my brain turning. I am one of those people that receives daily emails from "Barack." I occasionally donate a bit of money here or there to his campaign, and watch the video clips he sends out. Overall I'm pretty excited about the possibility of him winning, and I really enjoy "hearing" from him or someone on his campaign daily. So as my brain was spinning out of control, I thought, you know this is one of the many reasons why I support Obama. HE GETS MY GENERATION. My generation includes the up and coming leaders of this country, and the people that are the most active throughout the world. He gets that COMMUNICATION is a big deal to my generation, and he uses communication to its greatest potential. He is an effective communicator. Overall, he is savvy, he's in touch with the modern world...that can only be a good thing.

I'm sure I could say a lot more about this, but I won't. I'd love some feedback on this particular post. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I started running when I was 14 years old. My whole family runs. Both my parents have ran multiple marathons. My older brother qualified for the Olympic tryouts this past year and competed in the tryouts. My older sister has ran many marathons, including the Boston Marathon, and now runs ultra marathons. My three younger brothers all run. My little sister is good at running, but doesn't like to run. So pretty much my whole family runs, it's a family affair. I'm not a fantastic runner, but I do ok.

When I first started running I adored it. I lived to run. It felt good to have wind blowing in my hair, my legs moving fast, my heart pounding, and sweat dripping down my body. Not only did it physically feel good, but I made so many friends running. For a long time it was normal for me to run 7-10 miles a day six days a week. I've participated in multiple 24 hour runs and I can honestly say that the most I've ever ran in a 24 hour period is 33 miles. I've ran to the top of Mount Timpanogos (11,749 feet in elevation). I've ran three marathons, a handful of half marathons and many, many 10K's and 5K's. I don't bring this up to brag, but to show just how much I LOVED running for so long. I think it is safe to say I was addicted.

Since my last marathon in June of 2005 I haven't loved running. I've hated it. I've dreaded going outside and moving my feet. I've been lucky to get three minimal runs in a week. At some point I even swore off running. I can't really say why. I was just tired of it. Even though I didn't feel like running most days, I was really sad I wasn't keeping up with my runs. Last year, because of a good friend, I ran the San Francisco 1/2 marathon...completely unprepared. Although, I did fine in the race, and really enjoyed the course I still didn't feel like running.

However, this May Greg and I moved to San Mateo, CA. For some reason when I moved up here I caught the running bug. For three months now I've been running almost every day, and I've been loving it. for the first time in three years I'm starting to remember why I loved moving my legs fast, sweating disgusting amounts of sweat, and feeling my heart pound inside of my chest. I caught the running bug just in time to start training for the San Francisco Half Marathon again. I ran it on Sunday and did better than I expected. I mean, I've definitely gotten slower over the past five years, but I did great for me. I held an 8:24 minute per mile for 13.1 miles. I was hoping to hold a 9 minute mile, so that's great. Out of 1,984 people in the half marathon I came in at 443rd. Out of 1,145 women in the race I came in at 140th. Out of 377 females in my age category I came in at 59th. Anyway, this post has turned into me bragging about me...that's probably not very fun to read. So I'm sorry readers. I'm just so happy that I'm loving running again. I have another half marathon this Saturday in Provo, UT. Wish me luck!

Brighton High School Cross Country Team 1999-2000

At the top of Mount Timpanogos with Sarah Larsen and Lorraine Looney

San Francisco 1/2 Marathong 2008