Monday, February 22, 2010

If I was more irresponsible..

If I was more irresponsible with my (Greg's) money, if I never had buyer's remorse, or if I had a PAYING job I would wrecklessly spend all my money here: ModCloth
I would have a new dress for every occasion. I'd go see more foreign films wearing the french cinema dress, and go to work tomorrow in the Miss Issipi Dress in River. I would indulge in vintage looks, and have a new quirky necklace for every outfit (I actually have this necklace :D).

Oh, I wish people would give me money for free so I could be more irresponsible and stylish!


Aire said...

Hi Kjerry ,
Perhaps you could treat yourself to something from our sale section?? Today is Twelvsies Tuesdays! :)
<3 Aire

Charl Phoss said...

I was just talking to Andy last night about vintage clothing. I was telling him that I wanted to dress like I was from the 20s every day. He said, why don't you? And I said, well I don't know where to look. He then went into his "there's this thing called the internet" speech...

Maybe this Aire lady would be so kind as to hand over to you a sale item to blog about... surely ModCloth could use the product placement!

Kjerry said...

I like your idea for Aire to hand over a sale item :)

Oh, and I'm totally going to make a purchase soon (next Tuesday perhaps...since it'll be a new month and new money at our house). I've come up with a lot of reasons why I NEED to buy some adorable clothes and items.

I hope ModCloth gets more French Cinema dresses in stock, it's my favorite!

Melissa said...

you are already very stylish my love! And not to mention beautiful both inside and out ;)

miss cottrell said...

OOOOOH. I love ModCloth too. I need to pay them a visit today. And buy some stuff with Roo's money.